The Story of Luis and the Power of “No”. (Worksheets To Teach Children Reading Comprehension, Self-Assertion And Social Skills)


‘The Story of Luis and the Power of ‘No” is an educational material specially designed for autistic children, aimed at improving their reading comprehension and social skills. Through the story of Luis, a kind young man who learns to establish personal boundaries, children can identify with common situations where it’s necessary to balance kindness with self-care. Luis, facing the dilemma of always satisfying the demands of others versus taking care of himself, represents a scenario that many children may encounter in their daily life. By reading about how Luis learns to say ‘no’ when something doesn’t feel right and how this ultimately brings him respect and happiness, children can gain a deeper understanding of the importance of respecting themselves and their own limits.

The material includes reflective questions that encourage critical thinking and empathy, allowing children to discuss and explore Luis’s emotions and decisions. This interaction not only improves reading comprehension but also helps children develop skills to handle complex social situations, learn to say ‘no’ respectfully, and understand the value of consent and self-affirmation. Moreover, the drawing and conversation sections provide an interactive opportunity for children to engage more directly with the story, practicing how to express and understand personal boundaries in social contexts. This holistic approach is essential in supporting the emotional and social development of autistic children, providing them with valuable tools to navigate the world around them.


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