About Us

About Us

We are an Organization that firmly believes each autistic person – whatever the severity is – has a high potential for development.

Our goal is to give parents, caregivers and educators positive tools so they can help autistic children overcome their weaknesses, find and develop their specific abilities that will enable them to grow and subsequently expand their quality of life, productivity and sense of self.

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From Our Director
Become the Source of inspiration for your children, teach them to fight for themselves. Fight hard for them now, give them the tools/skills to face this world in a positive way, and you will never regret it. Remember you are not only fighting for them; you are doing it for yourself too.

Silvia Gonzalez / Director

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The Why Of This Organization

I am Silvia, mother of a child diagnosed with severe autism. Specialists informed me that he would not speak and provided me with limited prospects for progress in his life.

During these 12 years of his life I dedicated myself helping my son overcome his weaknesses, find his skills, and strengthen them.

I have researched extensively about autism, I have tried different methods to help him, and created my own through the experience I have acquired by interacting with him, other children like him, other parents, several professionals in the ASD area, and various Autism groups.

During the process of working to assist my son in his development, he has received ABA, IBI, occupational, and language therapies. However, he has mostly worked with me.

Autism. When to see the doctor
I have focused mainly on the programs that I have created with the help of staff I have hired and with the participation of children who have donated their time to play and do activities with him. I have found that by working this way and creating a program specific to his needs, we have made extensive progress that he thoroughly enjoys.

One of the most important things I learned is that the first person who needed help was me. I became aware that it was going to be a long job, with many ups and downs, but above all, it was going to take a lot of patience, self-control, and positivism. I realized that I may not cure my son, but little by little and with perseverance, many advances are being made that will lead him to have a good quality of life, even if it is not in the way we are used to. Working on my patience, self-control and positivism was my best decision and it became my best weapon.

You can work with your child without the stress of acting as a therapist or teacher. In this channel we will present you many ideas, recommendations, and activities that you can do with your child to develop their potential and overcome their weaknesses.

Never give up! Remember that if you want to include more learning opportunities, or if paying for therapy is not an option for you; you can work with them. So, whether you do it your self, or simply get someone to do with them; the activities that we will show you here, and the activities that you may design according to your child, will be very helpful for their development. These activities will be created as fun lessons and handled in a very different way than therapy, so your child will be fully engaged and having fun while developing skills toward improving their quality of life.

Let’s give our children the tools so that when we are not there, they can face life alone. Some will go very far, others less, according to their severity, but all will achieve wonderful things that will help them have a better quality of life and be happy. There is nothing that makes you feel more satisfaction and pride than to see your child progress and be happy.

That is the purpose of this organization. Together we can help each other support and enable our children to find their own happiness and develop necessary skills.
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