Upcoming Launch of our Resources Section on Jan 27th 2024!

This section will be dedicated to providing valuable resources and tools to help you or your beloved one on this journey called life.From useful templates, skill-focused activities and worksheets, to video training (future) and other resources.As a member, you'll gain access to valuable insights and strategies for managing the challenges of autism, as well as opportunities to connect with others and share your experiences.Stay tuned for more updates and mark your calendars for the big launch on July 1st!​

Accept Me As I Am. An Autism Awareness video by Positive Autism

Accepted As I Am – An Autism Awareness video

Accepted As I Am. An Autism Awareness video. This short film (video) aims to raise Autism acceptance among non-autistic audiences, and stimulation inclusion, tolerance, and understanding. It was created to be discussed and shared by people with ASD, parents, teachers, therapists, or friends of people on the spectrum. PLEASE SHARE!

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