The Conversational Ball. (Worksheets To Teach Conversations Skills To Autistic Children)


The “Conversation Ball” is a tool designed to help children improve their conversation skills. It provides a tangible way for them to understand and engage in conversational exchanges. Like a game, a conversation involves back-and-forth interaction: a question or comment is thrown, caught, and responded to.

For autistic children, understanding the abstract concept of conversation can be challenging. The Conversation Ball approach makes this process more concrete and manageable. It encourages follow-up questions, sharing additional information, and empathetic responses based on the emotional tone of the conversation.

By practicing with the “Conversation Ball Toss” game, the child can visually and tactically build a conversation. The use of emotion cards can encourage them to match their responses to the emotional context of the conversation, whether through their words, voice tone, or body language.

This playful approach allows children to practice vital conversation skills in a fun and engaging way. The tangible elements of this approach can be particularly beneficial, as many children on the autism spectrum thrive with visual and tactile learning methods.


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