Building a conversation and showing empathy. (Worksheets To Teach Conversations Skills To Autistic Children)


“Building a Conversation and Showing Empathy” is an excellent activity designed to assist children on the autism spectrum in developing their conversational skills. For many autistic children, understanding and participating in conversations can be challenging. This activity utilizes a tangible and visual approach, making the abstract concept of conversation more concrete and accessible. By using Lego blocks as physical representations of different parts of a conversation, children can more readily grasp the give-and-take nature of dialogue. Additionally, the use of emotion cards encourages children to express their feelings and to empathize with others, fostering their social and emotional development. This engaging and interactive game not only enhances conversation skills but also promotes emotional understanding, empathy, and connection with others, all crucial life skills. Through such playful and hands-on learning experiences, autistic children can feel more comfortable and confident in their communication abilities.


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