Miguel’s Great Goal. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Social Skills For Autistic Children)


“The Great Goal of Miguel” is an educational tool specifically designed to assist autistic children in developing reading comprehension and social skills. Through an engaging narrative about a soccer match, the story presents situations that allow children to understand and relate to emotions such as effort, joy, empathy, and connection with others. The protagonist, Miguel, demonstrates how dedication and teamwork can lead to success, while the character of Lucas emphasizes the importance of recognizing and sharing the emotions of others. The questions included at the end of the story are designed to reinforce content comprehension and encourage children to reflect on the emotions and actions of the characters. Additionally, the section with drawings offers an added opportunity for children to interact with the material, completing conversations and strengthening their ability to interpret and express emotions through visual contexts. Using this material can be an effective and fun way to work on essential skills in a friendly and understandable environment.


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