Juliana’s hugs. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Social Skills For Autistic Children)


“Juliana’s hugs” is an excellent educational resource for both typical children and those with autism, designed to foster reading comprehension, respect for others, and important life skills. Through the story of Juliana, who enjoys giving hugs but learns that not everyone is comfortable with physical contact, this material provides an accessible platform to discuss and practice respecting personal boundaries and empathy.

For autistic children in particular, the story helps illustrate and teach about expressing personal needs and recognizing social cues, which are crucial aspects of their socio-emotional development. The role-playing games suggested at the end of the book allow children to experience situations from different perspectives, learning to verbalize their own limits and understand those of others in a controlled and safe environment. This is essential for the development of interpersonal skills and for strengthening the ability to form and maintain healthy relationships.

Furthermore, “Juliana’s hugs” encourages all children to explore alternative ways of expressing affection and friendship, which is particularly useful for those who may feel uncomfortable with physical contact. These exercises are not only fun and educational but also memorable and promote inclusion, allowing children of all abilities to participate and learn together about the importance of mutual respect and understanding.


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