The Adventure of Diego and Tomás. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Empathy skills For Children)


The Adventure of Diego and Tomás” is a wonderful and educational story that helps children develop reading comprehension and empathy skills. Through the story of two brothers, Diego and Tomás, children learn about individual differences, acceptance, and brotherly love. Diego, a 9-year-old, shows great empathy and understanding towards his younger brother Tomás, who is autistic and has his own ways of communicating and interacting with the world.

This story is a valuable tool for teaching children about diversity and how to sensitively approach others’ differences. Through reading comprehension questions, children are encouraged to reflect on the behaviors and feelings of the characters, thus fostering a greater understanding and empathy towards people with different life experiences. The included drawings allow children and their companions to delve deeper into the story, imagining and completing the conversations, which not only enhances reading comprehension but also allows exploring emotions and situations from different perspectives. This material is ideal for creating an inclusive and understanding learning environment.


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