Educational material about autism for schools


Promoting Integration: How to Address Autism in the School Environment,” a comprehensive educational resource in PDF format, available for online download and accessible to all schools. This guide is designed to help educators and students better understand their autistic peers and promote an inclusive and respectful environment in the classroom.


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Promoting Integration” covers key topics, such as:

  • How to recognize an autistic child
  • Eye contact and individual differences
  • Managing physical contact and personal preferences
  • Understanding the sensory sensitivities of autistic children
  • Reasons behind the need for solitude at times
  • The importance of schedules and routines in autistic children’s lives
  • Handling tantrums and self-harming behaviors
  • Difficulties in understanding and using personal pronouns
  • Perception of empathy in autistic children
  • Understanding double meanings and role-playing games
  • Differences among autistic children and how to address them
  • Famous and successful people on the autism spectrum
  • Suggestions for fostering inclusion and friendship with autistic children
  • Practical examples for facilitating socialization and play at school
  • The importance of joining in on autistic children’s special interests to improve relationships and development.

This resource is an essential tool for any school looking to promote inclusion and understanding of autism among its students and teachers. Not only will it help create a more compassionate school environment, but it will also provide educators and students with the necessary tools to establish strong and meaningful relationships with their autistic peers. Download “Promoting Integration” today and take the first step toward a more inclusive and understanding school environment.


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