Revolution in Autism Diagnosis: New AI System Achieves 98.5% Accuracy

In a significant leap forward for early autism detection, researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of diagnosing the condition with 98.5% accuracy in children under two years old. Employing diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DT-MRI), this groundbreaking system scrutinizes the brain’s neural connections to identify patterns associated with autism. 聽 聽 Unveiled […]

Video Modeling

The importance of video modeling for autistic individuals lies in its ability to facilitate skill acquisition and improve the quality of life for those affected. This intervention tool is especially useful due to its visual and practical approach, which caters to the learning needs and characteristics of many people with autism. By offering clear and […]

Challenging behaviors in autistic people

Challenging behaviors in autistic individuals are actions that may seem disruptive, inappropriate, or difficult to manage. These behaviors can manifest in various ways and for different reasons, but it is important to understand that, in many cases, they are the result of the difficulties the autistic person faces in communication, understanding, and adapting to their […]

Changes in Adolescence

Adolescence is a stage of life full of changes and growth, both physically and emotionally. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most important aspects of this stage and how you can face them in the best possible way.   Physical changes: During adolescence, you’ll experience changes in your body due to puberty. These changes may […]

The Transition to Adolescence

It is a real pleasure to address you and share some recommendations to help you support your children during the growth and change process they will experience in the coming years. Adolescence is a stage of great transformations, both physical and emotional, and it is essential to prepare your children to face these changes with […]

Strategies for Managing Sensory Issues

Learning to manage sensory problems can be a challenge for autistic individuals. Below are some strategies that can help cope with and minimize difficulties related to sensory sensitivity:   Identify problematic sensations: The first step is to recognize which sensory stimuli cause discomfort or unease. These can be noises, smells, tastes, textures, or lights. Writing […]

Sensory difficulties in autistic people

Understanding the sensory experiences of autistic individuals can be essential in supporting your child’s needs and improving their quality of life. Autistic people may experience sensory processing differently than others, meaning they can be more sensitive (hypersensitive) or less sensitive (hyposensitive) to various stimuli, such as sounds, lights, smells, tastes, and textures. Hypersensitivity can cause […]

Importance and strategies to improve communication and social interaction

Communication and social interaction are fundamental aspects of our lives that allow us to connect with others, share experiences, learn from others, and feel understood. Although communication and social skills can be challenging for autistic individuals, it is important to work on improving these skills to enjoy a fulfilling and enriching life.   Here are […]

The Importance of Strengthening Your Strengths

In this article, we address you to discuss the importance of focusing on your strengths and continuing to work on them. Each of you possesses unique skills and talents that deserve recognition and enhancement. By focusing on what you are passionate about and what you are good at, you will be building a solid foundation […]

Discovering and Fostering Strengths in Autistic People

To discover and foster the strengths of your autistic children and youth, it’s important to follow an individualized and person-centered approach. Here are some guidelines that may be helpful in this process: Careful observation: Pay attention to your autistic child or youth’s actions, interests, and skills. Notice in which activities they feel comfortable and enjoy […]

Strengths in Autistic People

Autistic people exhibit a range of strengths that often go unnoticed due to the focus on their challenges. These skills, characteristics, and talents are unique and can be highly beneficial for both themselves and those around them. Some of the most common strengths in autistic individuals include: Attention to detail Many autistic people excel at […]

Importance of working on reading comprehension

Reading and understanding what is read is a fundamental skill for personal development and growth. Below are some reasons why it is important to work on reading comprehension with your autistic children: Communication and social skills: Reading enhances communication skills and helps children understand social norms, emotions, and interactions between people. This can be especially […]

Reading and Reading Comprehension for Autistic Children

Reading and reading comprehension in autistic children can vary significantly from one individual to another, due to the wide range of skills and characteristics associated with this autism spectrum disorder. It is important to remember that each autistic child is unique and their reading and comprehension skills will depend on their own particular strengths and […]

Anxiety and Tolerance to Change

Anxiety and tolerance to change in autistic individuals are two interrelated aspects that can affect their well-being and quality of life. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication, social skills, and behavior. Autistic individuals may experience difficulties in these areas, which can generate anxiety in everyday situations. Anxiety in autistic individuals can manifest in […]

How to help your children improve their motor skills

It’s important to understand how gross and fine motor skills function in your little ones. Gross motor skills refer to abilities that involve the control and coordination of the body’s large muscles, such as those used to move the arms, legs, and trunk. These skills enable children to perform activities like running, jumping, and maintaining […]

Independence and Life Skills

The importance of working on independence and life skills for your autistic children cannot be underestimated. Fostering and developing these skills is essential for their well-being and success throughout their lives. Reasons why it is crucial to address this aspect of their development: Encouraging your children to make decisions and take on responsibilities helps them […]

Imaginative Play and Creativity

Imaginative play and creativity are important aspects of development for all children. For autistic children, imaginative play and creativity may manifest differently, but this does not mean they cannot enjoy and benefit from these activities. Imaginative play is a type of play in which children use their imagination to create situations, characters, and settings. Through […]

Strategies to Improve Attention and Focus in Autistic Children

Improving your child’s attention and focus is a fundamental aspect of their development and learning. Below, we offer some strategies and detailed examples to help you in this process.   Establish clear routines: Autistic children often feel more comfortable and secure in structured and predictable environments. Setting daily routines allows them to know what to […]

The importance of working on communication and language for autistic children

It is essential to emphasize the importance of working on communication and language for your children, as this will enable them to function better in their environment and enjoy a more fulfilling life. Below, we mention some key reasons to focus on developing these skills: Expression of needs and desires: By improving communication and language, […]

The Importance of Working on the Intelligence of Your Autistic Children

The Importance of Working on the Intelligence of Your Autistic Children We understand that each autistic child is different and may have varying levels of cognitive abilities. Some may display a low level of intelligence and face learning difficulties, while others may excel in certain areas and be more intelligent than average children their age. […]

The importance of sharing your child’s autism diagnosis with others

The importance of sharing your child’s autism diagnosis with others Deciding whether to inform people about your child’s autism diagnosis is a personal decision and depends on your situation and specific circumstances. It’s understandable that you, as parents, may have concerns about sharing your child’s autism diagnosis with others. However, there are several reasons why […]

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