Being bilingual allows autistic children to make up for certain deficits.

Being bilingual allows autistic children to make up for certain deficits

Bilingual families with an autistic child are often advised to use only one language, to facilitate the development of their child’s communication skills. But now new researches show otherwise.   Link to the Article Click below to open the article on a new tab. When done, close that tab to return to our page.  👉 […]

Why is exercise important for people with autism?

Exercise can benefit kids with Autism

Can exercise help them have a better quality of life?   Introduction In this article from US NEWS, we will see the importance of exercise in people with Autism. We all understand the importance of exercise, but exercise can be especially beneficial to people with Autism. New studies show that exercise can help people with […]

Accepted As I Am – An Autism Awareness video

Accept Me As I Am. An Autism Awareness video by Positive Autism

Accepted As I Am. An Autism Awareness video. This short film (video) aims to raise Autism acceptance among non-autistic audiences, and stimulation inclusion, tolerance, and understanding. It was created to be discussed and shared by people with ASD, parents, teachers, therapists, or friends of people on the spectrum. PLEASE SHARE!

(NT) Can Yogurt with Probiotics Help People with Autism?

Would you like to know if probiotics included in some Yogurts could be used to treat your children with Autism? A very encouraging study of probiotics, show that these may help in treatment of Autism. This article will reveal what the study is about, how good their findings are, how the scientists came to occlusions, […]

Autism: Is the Pandemic Affecting Diagnosis?

Pandemic and Diagnosing Autism

Why diagnosing a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may be more difficult in times of a pandemic? Can the effects of the pandemic be confused with symptoms of Autism when they possibly are not? What should parents do? Pandemic and the Diagnosis of Children with Autism Some of the early signs to diagnose a […]

What is Autism?

Tired boy at school

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition that can affect a person’s social skills, communication, relationships, and self-regulation. It is characterized by presenting fixed interests and repetitive behaviors. It generally appears during early childhood and affects people for life. People with autism see and feel the world differently than other people. Autism […]