Valeria: Navigating the Seas of Adolescence. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension, Discovery And Self-Knowledge In Autistic Children.)


The story of Valeria, a girl who experiences the typical physical and emotional changes of this stage of life, aims to provide a mirror in which readers can see themselves and learn.

The carefully constructed narrative addresses topics such as bodily development, menstruation, emotional fluctuations, and changes in social dynamics, offering clear and comforting examples of how to handle these changes. The inclusion of reflective questions at the end of the story stimulates reading comprehension and promotes introspection, encouraging girls to explore their own feelings and experiences.

Furthermore, the material includes interactive activities such as completing dialogues in drawings and role-playing games, designed to strengthen life skills such as emotional communication, active listening, and handling uncertainty. These activities not only help to solidify the learning gained from Valeria’s story but also foster essential social skills in a format that is both educational and entertaining.

For parents and educators, this material offers a valuable tool to facilitate open and empathetic discussions about puberty and adolescence, tailored to the specific needs of girls and young women with autism. By providing a safe environment where they can express themselves and learn, this resource significantly contributes to the development of self-esteem, personal acceptance, and mutual support during a crucial stage of life.


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