The Many Facets of Julian. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Social Skills For Autistic Children)


“The Multiple Facets of Julián” is a comprehensive reading and social skills material designed specifically for children and young  autistic adults. This story revolves around Julián, a young autistic man who possesses exceptional technical skills but faces challenges in social interactions. Through his journey, readers can relate to his experiences, understand the importance of social skills, and recognize the value of every individual in society. The story is followed by a series of questions that aim to enhance reading comprehension by prompting the reader to recall and reflect on the details and themes of the narrative. These questions not only test the reader’s understanding but also encourage them to think deeply about the characters’ feelings, motivations, and the broader messages of the story. Additionally, the inclusion of drawings from the story provides an interactive element. This section allows the reader, along with a facilitator or peer, to engage in role-playing and dialogue completion exercises. This hands-on approach is designed to foster social skills, such as understanding conversational cues, expressing thoughts, and empathizing with characters. Overall, this material serves as a bridge between literary comprehension and real-world social interactions, offering autistic children and young adults a safe space to practice and understand the nuances of human connection.


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