Thomas learns road safety after a painful experience. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Life Skills For Autistic Children And Young People)


This material, centered on the story of “Tomás Learns Road Safety After a Painful Experience,” is a valuable educational resource specifically designed for autistic children and young people, with the aim of enhancing their reading comprehension and life skills. Through Tomás’s narrative, readers are introduced to a story that not only captures their interest and stimulates their imagination but also teaches them about the importance of road safety in a way that they can understand and remember.

The story is presented in a clear and structured format, making it easier for autistic readers to understand and follow the events. By using specific reading comprehension questions, children and young people are encouraged to reflect on the plot, characters, and key messages, thereby promoting the development of critical thinking skills. Furthermore, by addressing road safety themes directly and through the personal experiences of the character, the internalization of safe behaviors is encouraged.

This resource seeks not only to improve reading and comprehension skills but also to impart vital lessons on safety, awareness, and personal responsibility. At the end of the story, interactive activities are included, such as completing conversations based on drawings from the story, which provides an opportunity for practical application of what has been learned and encourages verbal expression and empathy.

In summary, “Tomás Learns Road Safety After a Painful Experience” is more than just a story; it is an educational tool that combines the development of reading skills with important life lessons, designed to resonate particularly with autistic children and young people.


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