Valentina Learns to Say No. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Social Skills For Autistic Children)


This educational material, titled “Valentina Learns to Say No,” is a valuable tool for autistic children focused on improving reading comprehension and developing social skills. The story centers on Valentina, a girl who lives in the picturesque town of Rainbow and sees the world in a unique and sincere way. Although she struggles to understand the complexities of friendship, Valentina always tries to make others happy, believing that this will make her a good friend.

The narrative details how Valentina faces the difficulty of saying “no” to the constant requests of her classmates, which often leads her to feel overwhelmed and undervalued. The story addresses themes such as self-respect, the importance of setting boundaries, and the value of true friendship. Through her journey, Valentina learns valuable lessons about balancing her desire to help with her own well-being.

This tale offers an excellent opportunity for autistic children to relate to the characters and situations, fostering empathy and social understanding. Additionally, the questions included at the end of the story encourage readers to reflect on the events and the characters’ behaviors, helping to improve reading comprehension and discuss the complexities of interpersonal relationships.

Finally, the activity section with drawings invites children to interact more directly with the story, completing conversations and helping to solidify the understanding of the social lessons presented. This interactive approach is especially beneficial for autistic children, as it allows them to explore and express their thoughts and feelings in a structured and supportive way.


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