The Story of Nico and the Adventure Park. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Life Skills For Autistic Children)


The material “The Story of Nico and the Adventure Park” is a pedagogical tool specifically designed for autistic children with the purpose of strengthening reading comprehension and social skills. Through the narrative, children are introduced to the concept of making decisions based on their own desires and feelings, rather than being influenced by others. Nico, the protagonist, faces social and emotional dilemmas that are common in everyday life, allowing children to identify with him and reflect on similar situations in their own lives. The comprehension questions are designed to help children process and deeply understand the story, while the drawing section provides an interactive opportunity for children and their caregivers or educators to explore the social interactions and emotions of the characters, promoting empathy, self-expression, and recognition of emotions. By completing the conversations in the drawings, children practice using language and develop communication skills in social contexts.


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