The Value of Trusting Mom and Dad. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension, Social and Emotional Skills For Autistic Children And Young People)


This material is designed to help children, including those with autism, improve their reading comprehension and understand the importance of trusting their parents. Through the story of Lucas, a child who feels sad and scared when left with a caregiver who is not kind to him, the value of talking to parents about their problems is taught. Lucas learns that he can trust his parents and that talking to them about his concerns is the first step to solving any difficult situation.

The story also introduces questions with multiple-choice answers, which makes it easier for children to reflect on what they have read and apply it to their own lives. Empathy, understanding, and effective communication are promoted.

Furthermore, the material includes interactive activities, such as completing conversations and role-playing games, which allow children to practice the lessons learned in a safe and understanding environment. These activities are designed to reinforce the idea that parents are a source of love, support, and guidance, encouraging children to express their concerns and seek help when facing moral or personal dilemmas.

This interactive approach not only improves reading comprehension but also teaches crucial social and emotional skills, helping children feel more secure in sharing their feelings and problems with their parents.


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