Lucas’s Journey and His Magical Toolbox. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Life Skills For Autistic Children)


In this material, you will find a valuable tool designed to teach reading comprehension and life skills to autistic children and young people. Through the story of “Lucas’s Journey and His Magical Toolbox,” children will learn to manage their emotions and stress through practical techniques and visual tools. The narrative includes a variety of everyday situations in which Lucas uses his magical toolbox to calm himself and handle anxiety. Additionally, comprehension questions are provided to reinforce what has been learned and encourage reflection. You will also find examples of role-playing games that allow children to practice these skills in controlled and safe environments, facilitating the internalization of the learned strategies. These exercises not only improve reading comprehension but also offer tangible practice of essential life skills, helping children feel more confident and prepared to face stressful situations in real life.


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