The Power of Apologizing. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Social Skills For Autistic Children)


This material, including the story of James and the role-playing games, is designed to enhance reading comprehension and social skills among autistic children. The story of James, who learns the power of apologizing after accidentally hurting his friend Mateo’s feelings, serves as a relatable and educational narrative. It illustrates the importance of recognizing our actions’ impacts on others, the significance of sincere apologies, and the role of empathy and communication in repairing and strengthening relationships.

Following the story, the role-playing games provide practical exercises for children to apply these lessons in interactive and engaging scenarios. These activities not only reinforce the story’s messages but also offer a safe and structured environment for practicing empathy, understanding emotions, effective communication, and conflict resolution. Through scenarios such as “The Park Game,” “The Interrupted Story Time,” and “The Shared Toy Dilemma,” children are guided to navigate social interactions, express their feelings respectfully, and develop problem-solving skills.

This approach not only aids autistic children in understanding complex social cues and the nuances of interpersonal relationships but also empowers them to participate more confidently in social situations. By linking the cognitive aspects of reading comprehension with the emotional and social learning through role-play, this material aims to support holistic development, making it a valuable resource for parents and educators seeking to enrich the social and emotional well-being of autistic children.


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