The Importance of Taking Turns. (Activities To Teach Children Social And Emotional Skills)


This material is designed to teach social skills to autistic children, focusing on the vital social skill of taking turns. Through engaging activities and practical instructions, it explains the importance of taking turns in building healthy relationships and effective communication. The material introduces the concept of waiting for one’s turn to speak, play, or participate in an activity, highlighting how this practice ensures fairness and helps in understanding others better, working as a team, showing respect, and enjoying collective activities more fully. Particularly, the document outlines a creative and educational project: constructing a homemade traffic light lamp. This project not only serves as a hands-on activity that fosters creativity and manual skills but also as an educational opportunity to learn about road safety and the significance of traffic lights. By engaging in this project, children are taught to wait their turn during the construction process, thus applying the concept of taking turns in a practical context. Furthermore, the material provides detailed instructions on making a traffic light lamp using easily accessible materials like plastic bottles, acrylic paints, and LED lights. This activity is designed to be both fun and informative, reinforcing the lesson of taking turns through the construction and decoration phases. By participating in this project, children not only learn about the mechanics and importance of traffic signals in road safety but also the broader social skill of taking turns, essential for their development and interaction with others.


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