The Day Lucas Learned to Apologize. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Social Skills For Autistic Children)


This material is specifically designed for autistic children with the aim of improving their reading comprehension and social skills. The story ‘The Day Lucas Learned to Apologize’ narrates the experience of a child, Lucas, who learns the importance of apologizing after an unintentional accident in the park. This carefully crafted narrative not only captures the attention of children with its focus on everyday situations and easily identifiable emotions, but also teaches them a valuable lesson about empathy and social responsibility.

Through specific questions at the end of the story, children are encouraged to reflect on the events and the characters’ reactions, which helps to improve their reading comprehension. These questions are designed to be direct and clear, thus facilitating the participation of autistic children, who often prefer this type of structure in communication.

In addition, an interactive section with drawings representing key moments of the story is included. This activity is not only engaging and fun, but also allows children and their caregivers or educators to recreate and discuss the interactions between the characters, thereby encouraging the development of social skills such as empathy, interpretation of emotions, and effective communication. This holistic approach not only supports academic learning but also significantly contributes to the emotional and social development of autistic children.


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