The Adventures of Nico in the World of Privacy. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Social Skills For Autistic Children)


“The Adventures of Nico in the World of Privacy” is a valuable educational material for working on reading comprehension and social skills in autistic children. Through a simple and relatable narrative, children learn about the importance of privacy and respect for personal space, both their own and others’. The story of Nico, a curious boy who learns to handle private situations appropriately, provides a clear framework for understanding behaviors that should be conducted in private. Additionally, issues such as respect for others’ space and the importance of having a safe place to explore and learn about oneself are addressed.

The included comprehension questions encourage reflection and ensure that readers have understood the key points of the story. These questions are essential for reinforcing reading comprehension and allow educators and parents to assess and guide the child’s learning.

The section with drawings is an interactive resource that invites children to actively participate. Completing the conversations in the drawings helps children practice social skills such as empathy, communication, and the interpretation of social situations. This hands-on approach is especially beneficial for autistic children, as it allows them to visualize and practice real-life situations in a controlled and understanding environment.

Furthermore, the role-playing games suggested at the end serve as practical exercises for children to rehearse what they have learned in a fun and interactive way. These activities not only reinforce the teachings of the story but also offer a safe space for children to explore social interactions and develop a deeper understanding of privacy. This dual approach of storytelling and role-playing is particularly beneficial for autistic children, as it caters to diverse learning styles and aids in the development of essential vital skills in an accessible and enjoyable way.


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