The Third Adventure in the Magic Jungle. #3(Reading Comprehension)


This is the second part of this reading comprehension activity: “Searching for Animals in the Magic Jungle” is an incredibly useful tool for autistic children to enhance their reading comprehension skills. The story provides an enriching and interactive learning experience that caters to various sensory needs of the children. By engaging with visual cues such as animal images, tactile elements like stickers or drawings, and auditory cues from animal sounds, this multi-sensory learning approach can help children with ASD process and better understand the story. This activity reinforces their focus and comprehension of the story’s details. It also creates a perfect opportunity for you to discuss the characteristics or roles of the animals in the story, further solidifying their understanding of the narrative. The overall design of this activity is fun, engaging, and suitable for the learning style of children with ASD, keeping them interested and motivated to enhance their reading comprehension skills.


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