Luciano’s Story: The Unseen Mask: (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Life Skills For Autistic Children)


The ‘Story of Luciano: The Unnoticed Mask’ is an educational material designed for autistic children, with the goal of improving reading comprehension and developing life skills. This material presents the story of Luciano, a child with high-functioning autism, who learns to accept and understand his condition, finding ways to manage his symptoms and connect with others.

Through Luciano’s story, children can identify with the challenges faced by the protagonist and learn strategies to overcome similar obstacles in their own lives. The questions included at the end of the story help assess reading comprehension and encourage reflection on the character’s experiences and how they relate to the reader’s.

Furthermore, the drawing section offers an opportunity for children to practice communication and express their thoughts and feelings through art. Completing the conversations between the characters involved in the story helps develop social and communication skills, fundamental for interacting with others.

In summary, this material is a valuable tool to help autistic children improve their reading comprehension and develop important life skills, while feeling identified and understood.


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