Gabriel: Navigating the Seas of Adolescence. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Conversation Skills For Autistic Children)


“This material, titled “Gabriel: Navigating the Seas of Adolescence,” is crafted to assist children and young people with autism in understanding reading comprehension, acceptance, and life skills. It tells the story of Gabriel, an adolescent experiencing the tumultuous changes of puberty, who inadvertently engages in a private act in public. Through interactions with his friends Isabel and María, and a heartfelt discussion with his uncle Javier, Gabriel learns about the natural process of puberty, the importance of respecting personal space, and the handling of new emotions and physical changes. The narrative serves as a gentle introduction to topics that might be confusing or embarrassing for young people, especially those with autism, who might find the nuances of social interaction and physical development challenging. It emphasizes open and respectful communication, the significance of seeking guidance from trusted adults, and the value of understanding and respecting one’s own and others’ boundaries. The accompanying questions and role-playing games further the educational experience, allowing readers to reflect on Gabriel’s story and apply its lessons to their own lives. These activities are designed to foster a deeper understanding of consent, personal space, effective emotional and physical change communication, and how to navigate socially awkward situations. By tailoring language and scenarios to the individual needs of young readers, this material provides a safe and supportive environment for learning and practicing vital life skills. It highlights the importance of adaptability in educational approaches, ensuring that every child, regardless of their place on the autism spectrum, can learn in a way that respects their unique perspective and abilities.”

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