The Voice of Valentina. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension, Social And Emotional Skills For Autistic Children)


The material “The Voice of Valentina” is a valuable educational tool designed to support the development of reading comprehension and social and emotional skills in autistic children. Through the story of Valentina, a cheerful and curious girl facing challenges in her school environment, situations are presented that many children may encounter in their daily lives. This material allows children to identify with Valentina, understanding her emotions and reactions to situations that are uncomfortable or overwhelming for them.

The included reading comprehension questions are clear and direct, making it easier for children to remember and process key information from the story. These questions help children reflect on Valentina’s actions and emotions, promoting empathy and understanding of social situations. Moreover, these questions encourage children to consider how they might react in similar situations, fostering the development of skills to manage their own emotions and seek help when necessary.

The final section of the material, which includes drawings of the story, provides an interactive and creative opportunity for children and their caregivers or educators to explore social interactions in a deeper way. Completing the conversations between the characters helps children practice and improve their communication skills, offering a safe space to explore their thoughts and feelings in a supportive context.

Through role-playing exercises at the end of the story, children can practice these skills in a safe and understanding environment. These role-playing games are designed to help children identify and express their feelings in new or uncomfortable situations, practice expressing personal boundaries, and encourage open communication with trusted adults. This interactive and participatory approach not only enhances reading comprehension but also teaches valuable life skills in a fun and engaging way.

In summary, “The Voice of Valentina” is a comprehensive tool that not only improves reading comprehension but also strengthens social and emotional skills, crucial aspects in the development of autistic children. By engaging with this material, children have the opportunity to learn about themselves, how to interact with others, and how to handle challenging situations in a positive and constructive manner.



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