The Value of Being Oneself: Clara’s Story. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Social Skills For Autistic Children)


“The Value of Being Oneself: Clara’s Story” is an educational material specifically designed for autistic children, with the aim of improving their reading comprehension and social skills. Through the story of Clara, an autistic girl with a big heart, children can learn about the importance of honesty, bravery, and self-confidence. The narrative addresses everyday situations that can be particularly challenging for autistic children, such as interpreting the intentions of others and dealing with peer pressure.

The story provides a positive role model in Clara, who faces moral dilemmas and learns to trust her judgment and her parents’ support. The reading comprehension questions included at the end of the story are intended to help children reflect on Clara’s actions and decisions, as well as their own experiences and emotions. This approach not only reinforces understanding of the story but also promotes the development of critical social skills, such as empathy, conflict resolution, and self-expression.

Furthermore, interactive activities with drawings from the story are included, allowing children and their companions to explore the events and dialogues of the story more deeply. This visual and participatory activity is particularly beneficial for autistic children, as it offers them an alternative and engaging way to process and discuss the story, thus supporting their learning and social and emotional development.


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