The Sadness. (Activity Worksheets For Teaching Social And Emotional Skills To Autistic Children)


This educational material is designed to teach social and emotional skills to autistic children, focusing on understanding and managing sadness. It addresses what sadness is, how to recognize it in oneself and in others, and the importance of recognizing it in others to offer support and comfort. Examples of situations that can cause sadness are included, and coping strategies are suggested such as breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, calming activities, and expressing feelings through art or conversation. The creation of a calm space and the practice of empathy through the imitation of facial expressions are also proposed. The material invites children to reflect on their own experiences with sadness and to participate in a storytelling activity to explore feelings and solutions to emotional distress. Finally, children are encouraged to draw something that has made them sad, thus fostering the creative and personal expression of their emotions.


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