The Day Nico Learned to Accept ‘No’. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension, Social And Emotional Skills For Autistic Children)


This educational material, “The Day Nico Learned to Accept ‘No'”, is a valuable tool specifically designed for autistic children, aimed at improving their reading comprehension and social skills. The story of Nico, a boy with a great interest in trains, addresses the complex emotion of accepting a ‘No’ as an answer. By following Nico’s experiences, children can learn to identify and manage their own emotions in similar situations. This resource includes carefully formulated questions to encourage reflection and a deep understanding of the narrative. Additionally, the drawing section allows children and their companions to actively interact with the story, encouraging them to complete the dialogues and to put themselves in the shoes of the characters. This interactive approach not only improves reading comprehension but also develops critical social skills, such as empathy, interpreting social situations, and the ability to see things from different perspectives.


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