Accepted As I Am. An Autism Awareness video.


This short film (video) aims to raise Autism acceptance among non-autistic audiences, and stimulation inclusion, tolerance, and understanding. It was created to be discussed and shared by autistic people, parents, teachers, therapists, or friends of people on the spectrum.


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The video can be used in various ways to raise awareness about autism:

Share on social media: Posting the video on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube can help reach a wide audience and raise awareness about the importance of inclusion and acceptance of autistic children.

Screen in schools and community centers: The video can be used as an educational resource in schools, community centers, and other spaces where children and adults can learn about autism and how to promote inclusion.

Include in awareness campaigns: The video can be part of autism awareness campaigns organized by organizations, support groups, and other entities, to highlight the importance of inclusion and acceptance in the lives of autistic individuals.

Organize screening events: Organizing events where the video is screened and inviting the community to participate in discussions and activities related to autism can foster empathy and understanding in the community.

Create complementary educational materials: The video can serve as a starting point for creating additional educational materials, such as discussion guides, activities, and lessons that promote inclusion and acceptance of autistic individuals.

In general, a video showing how children include and accept an autistic child can be a powerful tool for raising awareness about autism and the importance of inclusion. By sharing and discussing the video, opportunities can be created for greater understanding and support for individuals with autism and their families.

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