Matthew’s Journey: Discovering Greetings. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension, Social And Emotional Skills For Autistic Children)


“The Journey of Mateo: Discovering Greetings” is an educational resource designed to support autistic children in the development of reading comprehension and social skills, through a relatable and encouraging story. Through the adventures of Mateo, a child who initially faces challenges in greeting people, this material offers an opportunity for children to explore and understand the importance of social interactions and how these can be adapted to their own comfort zones and personal preferences. By following Mateo’s journey to discover a way of greeting that feels authentic and comfortable to him, children can learn that there are many valid ways to interact with others and that it’s okay to be different. The included comprehension questions encourage reflection and dialogue about the story, while the suggested activities, such as completing conversations based on the story’s drawings, aim to reinforce reading comprehension and social skills in a practical and creative context. This material emphasizes the importance of acceptance, diversity in communication, and respect for individual differences, offering valuable lessons for both autistic children and their caregivers.


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