Mason and his passion. (Activity to practice reading comprehension and life skills for autistic children and young people)


The material ‘Mason and His Passion’ is a valuable educational tool for autistic children, designed to improve their reading comprehension, social skills, and life skills. The story of Mason, a young man with a deep passion for technology, is inspiring and relatable. Through the narrative, children can learn about perseverance, the importance of following their interests, and how hobbies can turn into a successful career.

The questions included at the end of the text are essential for reinforcing reading comprehension. By answering them, children not only recall the story’s details but also practice expressing their thoughts clearly and coherently. These questions encourage reflection and critical analysis, crucial skills in cognitive development.

Moreover, the story provides opportunities to discuss topics such as inclusion, respect for differences, and handling teasing or rejection from others, which are fundamental aspects in the development of social skills. Children can identify with Mason, especially if they have faced similar challenges, and learn from his example of resilience and self-acceptance.

Finally, the section that invites creating conversations among the characters is an excellent way to practice life skills, such as communication and empathy. Children can explore different perspectives, practice expressing emotions, and develop their ability to interact socially in various situations. This exercise also stimulates creativity and imagination, allowing children to explore beyond the text.


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