Leo’s Scientific Journey. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Life Skills For Autistic Children And Young People)


“Leo’s Scientific Journey” is an inspiring story that teaches us about the importance of following our passions and not giving up in the face of challenges. Through the life of Leo, a young autistic individual passionate about science, we can learn how determination and effort can help us overcome obstacles and achieve our dreams. Leo faces challenges, such as difficulty in socializing and communicating with others, but with support, practice, and courage, he not only improves his social skills but also becomes a respected scientist. This story is especially meaningful for autistic children, showing them that regardless of difficulties, they can achieve great things and inspire others. Through comprehension questions, readers are invited to reflect on Leo’s perseverance, his personal growth, and how his passion for science led him to fulfill his dreams, teaching us that we all have something special to offer the world.


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