Luca’s Journey. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Conversation Skills For Autistic Children)


“Luca’s Journey” is an educational material specially designed for autistic children, focused on improving reading comprehension and developing conversation skills. Through the story of Luca, a child who lives in the picturesque village of Conversalia and faces difficulties in communicating with others, this resource aims to teach in a playful and accessible way. The narrative follows Luca on his adventure to the Forest of Words, where he learns key techniques for starting, maintaining, and effectively concluding conversations, interacting with characters such as Sari the squirrel, Benji the beaver, and Olivia the owl. Each segment of the story introduces a different communicative skill, accompanied by concrete and applicable examples in daily life.

In addition, complementary activities such as role-playing games are included, which allow children to practice these skills in everyday scenarios, such as a store, a park, and a library. These games not only reinforce what has been learned but also provide parents and educators with practical tools to guide children in learning more fluid and natural social interactions. By simulating real situations, children can feel more secure and prepared to face communicative challenges in their environment, thus fostering their autonomy and confidence.


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