An Adventure in the World of Bees. ((Activity to Practice Reading Comprehension and Conversation Skills for Autistic Children)


This is a beautiful adventure story about a young man named Deryk and his mother who, after being stung by bees, transform into small versions of themselves, similar to bees. They discover the incredible world of bees, learn about their way of life, their organization, and their role in the balance of nature. At the end of the story, they return to their human form and commit to promoting the protection of bees and their habitat.

The reading comprehension questions are designed to help children understand and remember key details of the story. They should be answered based on the information presented in the text.

The last part of the material is a conversational skills exercise. It includes drawings from different parts of the story. The idea is that the child and their companion use these drawings as a starting point to talk about what happens in each scene and complete the conversations between the characters at that specific moment.


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This type of activities can be particularly useful for autistic children, as it helps them develop reading comprehension skills, recall details, improve their ability to narrate, and practice conversation skills, such as taking turns to speak and responding to questions. It can also foster empathy by allowing them to explore the emotions and reactions of the characters. Lastly, the story can open the discussion about real-life topics such as the importance of protecting nature, and in particular, bees and their habitat.


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