Kind Greetings: Learning to Say Hello. (Activities To Teach Children Social And Emotional Skills)


In this material, parents, educators, and therapists will find a valuable resource specifically designed to teach fundamental social skills to autistic children, focusing on the everyday but essential act of greeting. Through a clear structure and interactive activities, children will learn the importance of greetings and how to execute them properly in a variety of social contexts. From practicing greetings in front of a mirror to participating in role-play games and drawing birthday cards, each section is intended to reinforce the importance of looking towards people’s faces, using a kind tone of voice, and smiling, adjusting the practices to their comfort level. Additionally, specific advice for various situations is included, such as meeting a friend in the park, visiting grandparents, or attending a birthday party, ensuring that autistic children can apply these learnings in their daily life, fostering their confidence and social interaction skills.


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