Juan and the Frog: Juan Stands Up for His Decisions. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Social Skills For Autistic Children)


The story ‘Juan and the Frog: Juan Stands by His Decisions’ offers a valuable lesson for children with autism to understand and navigate social situations. It’s about a boy named Juan who, despite having difficulty with social cues due to his autism, shows great wisdom and courage. The tale presents a situation where Juan must choose between going along with his friends’ idea of playing with a frog in a harmful way or standing up for what he knows is right. Juan’s decision to protect the frog, even at the risk of losing his friends, highlights the importance of respecting all living beings and being assertive in one’s beliefs. This story can be used to spark discussions about empathy, friendship, and moral choices.

As you work through the reading comprehension questions, you’ll reflect on the characters’ actions and the outcome of the story. Each question is designed to help you think about how Juan felt, what he chose to do, and why his choices were important. These discussions can help you understand that it’s okay to have different opinions from others and that sometimes doing the right thing means standing alone. By completing the conversations in the drawings section, you’ll get to practice expressing your thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment, further developing your social communication skills.


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