Frustration. (Activity Worksheets For Teaching Social And Emotional Skills To Autistic Children)


In this material, you will find valuable and practical information for teaching social and emotional skills to autistic children, focusing on the management of frustration. It addresses what frustration is, how to recognize it in oneself and others, and why it is crucial to understand it. Concrete examples of situations that can generate frustration in children are provided, such as difficulties in school tasks, changes in routines, or challenges in communication. In addition, effective strategies for managing frustration are included, such as deep breathing, communicating feelings, and adapting communication. Practical activities and customizable examples are also provided to apply these teachings in everyday situations, along with a guide for parents and caregivers on how to support autistic children in managing frustration. This resource is an essential tool for developing emotional and social skills in autistic children, helping them to face and overcome frustration in a healthy and constructive way.


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