Don’t let others take advantage of you! Learn to say “NO”. (Activity Worksheets For Teaching Social Skills To Autistic Children)


In this workbook, autistic children and young people will learn the importance of saying “NO” when necessary and will develop essential life skills. Often, we want to say “YES” to help others, but it is crucial to analyze the requests to ensure we are not overloading ourselves. Saying “NO” appropriately is fundamental to maintaining healthy relationships and respecting our own boundaries.

This resource teaches us to be firm in our decisions and not to allow others to determine our actions. Freedom requires the ability to choose our actions and say “NO” to what does not benefit us. Additionally, it is important to recognize when someone is trying to take advantage of us and to establish clear boundaries.

It also emphasizes that, although it is good to help others, we should not let them take advantage of us. The material includes practical exercises for children to practice handling situations where they need to say “NO,” such as when someone asks them to do something that is not their responsibility.

Finally, specific situations are addressed, such as refusing to do another classmate’s homework, highlighting the importance of individual responsibility and personal learning. In summary, this material promotes self-assertion, the establishment of boundaries, and the management of one’s decisions, which are key life skills.


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