Clara’s Awakening. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension, Discovery And Self-knowledge In Autistic Children.)


“The Awakening of Clara” is an educational material specifically designed for autistic children, with the goal of enhancing reading comprehension and understanding of autism. The story of Clara, a girl who felt different from others since her childhood, offers a narrative with which many autistic children can identify. Throughout her journey from childhood to adulthood, Clara experiences challenges and discoveries that lead her to discover, understand, and accept her autistic condition.

This material not only narrates Clara’s experiences but also includes reading comprehension questions that encourage children to deeply reflect on the story. These questions are designed to help children connect with Clara’s experiences, understand her emotions and behaviors, and contemplate how autism can influence a person’s life. Furthermore, the final section of the material contains drawings that depict key scenes from the story, allowing children and their companions to recreate and complete conversations between the characters. This interactive activity aims to strengthen comprehension and linguistic expression, as well as foster empathy and understanding of autism.

“The Awakening of Clara” is more than just a story; it is a valuable tool for educating and raising awareness about autism, promoting the acceptance of diversity and self-awareness in autistic children.


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