Anger. (Activity Worksheets For Teaching Social And Emotional Skills To Autistic Children)


This material is designed to teach social and emotional skills to autistic children, focusing on the emotion of anger. Through its content, it explains what anger is, how it manifests physically, and why it is crucial to learn to manage it in a healthy way. Concrete strategies are offered for children to recognize and control their own anger, such as deep breathing and counting to ten. In addition, children are taught to detect signs of anger in others, thus providing skills to avoid conflicts and better understand social dynamics. Empathy is presented as a key tool for relating to others’ feelings, and children are encouraged to practice it even in moments of anger. Lastly, tips are provided for managing anger positively, encouraging self-awareness and the development of personal coping plans. This resource strives to equip autistic children with the necessary competencies to navigate their emotions and social interactions effectively and respectfully.


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