An Adventure in Cedar Point. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Social Skills For Autistic Children)


This educational material designed for children with autism, “An Adventure in Cedar Point,” serves as an engaging narrative to help enhance reading comprehension and social skills. The story follows Deryk, a lively boy eager for adventure during his summer vacation, and his experiences at Cedar Point amusement park with his cousins and brother. As they navigate challenges such as planning the trip without parental support, managing their finances through garage sales and summer jobs, and facing the thrills of various rides, the story provides a rich context for learning.

Through accompanying questions and role-playing scenarios, children can explore and practice necessary social interactions and emotional expressions. The questions are structured to aid in understanding the sequence of events, characters’ motivations, and the outcome of their decisions. Role-playing games, such as planning the trip, reacting to thrilling rides, and organizing a fund-raising event, allow children to practice expressing their thoughts, negotiating, and working as a team, all in a controlled setting. These activities are crafted to help children with autism develop their communication and social interaction skills, making them more comfortable with real-world interactions and improving their ability to work collaboratively with others.


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