An adventure in Australia. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Social Skills For Autistic Children)


This educational material, specifically designed for autistic children, focuses on the story “An Adventure in Australia” and utilizes a combination of reading and role-playing games to enhance reading comprehension, as well as conversation and socialization skills. The narrative follows Deryk on his magical journey through Australia, providing a rich and exciting context that captures the children’s imagination. Through comprehension questions and role-playing activities based on the adventures of Deryk and his friend Roberto, children can practice introducing themselves, asking questions, sharing information, and responding appropriately in social situations.

The role-play games are carefully structured to reflect real-life situations that children might face, making the practice relevant and applicable. This not only helps children better understand the text but also allows them to experience and practice social interactions in a controlled and safe environment. Each role-playing scenario is designed to introduce specific vocabulary and encourage empathetic and curious interactions, thus supporting the development of critical social skills in a format that is both educational and fun.


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