How can a child with autism be distinguished from other children with typical development?

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Here are some facts that can help you identify the early symptoms of autism.

At 12 months

A typical child: Turns his head when he hears his name.

A child with ASD: Does not turn to look when called, even if his name has been repeated several times, but he does respond to other sounds.

At 18 months

A child with speech delays, but not Autism: Uses his finger to point, gestures, or facial expressions to compensate for his lack of speech.

A child with an ASD: He may not make attempts to compensate for your speech delay or simply speak by imitating or repeating what heard on television or what just heard.

At 24 months

A typical developing child: Bring an image to show to you and share his/her joy with you.

A child with ASD: Can bring a juice jar to ask you to open it, but there is no eye contact with you and doesn’t show joy in playing together.

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