When to see the doctor?

Autism. When to see the doctor

Each baby develops differently, at their own pace. Many do not follow the chronology that the books show us. However, children who are on the autistic spectrum do not usually show signs of developmental delay before age 2.

If you are concerned about your child’s development or suspect that it may be on the autism spectrum, tell your doctor. The symptoms of these disorders are often linked to other developmental disorders.

Signs of autism spectrum disorder generally appear in the early stages of a child’s development when obvious delays in language skills and social interactions are observed. A doctor may recommend developmental tests to determine a possible delay in your child’s cognitive, language, and social skills if:

  • Before 6 months: Does not respond with a smile or a happy expression.
  • Before 9 months: Does not imitate sounds or facial expressions.
  • 12 months or earlier: Does not babble or gurgle.
  • Before 14 months: Does not make gestures, such as pointing or waving.
  • Before 16 months: Doesn’t say simple words.
  • 18 months or earlier: Does not play pretend or fake games.
  • Before 24 months: Does not say two-word phrases.
  • Any age: Loses language or social skills.
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