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Anthony Hopkins, Autistic actor wins an Oscar for Best Actor, at the age of 83!

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Antony Hopkins and actor in the Autism Spectrum

Another wonderful person with Autism, who shows us that we can achieve in life what we set out to do.

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👉 Anthony Hopkins’ Age Isn’t the Only Noteworthy Thing About His Oscar Win 👈



Antony Hopkins has just become the oldest actor to win an Academy Award, and the first openly Autistic actor to win an Oscar.

Last year in a CBC interview, when asked how his late diagnosis as an actor affects him, Hopkins replied:

“It doesn’t affect me—I am obsessive. It’s a great gift, actually. I was a bit slow as a school kid, and so I made up for it by working hard, and I became, you know, a successful actor. Obsessiveness about the details. I will work and work and work on the script and I learn every single line. […] But I’m not quirky. I think I’m a bit—actually, I’m an absent-minded professor. I forget things, and I get obsessed with stupid details. My father was like that”.

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