The Adventure of the Friends and the Hidden Words. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Conversation Skills For Autistic Children)


The material titled “The Adventure of Friends and Hidden Words” has been specifically designed for autistic children with the aim of enhancing their reading comprehension and social skills. This story focuses on the theme of idiomatic expressions, which can often be challenging to understand for some children, especially those on the autism spectrum. Through the experiences of Tomás, a character who faces challenges in interpreting figurative language, readers can identify and learn about the importance of seeking clarity when something is not understood. The comprehension questions at the end serve to reinforce the understanding of the plot and the lessons learned. Additionally, by including a section with drawings related to the story, the aim is to promote interaction and discussion between the child and a companion, helping to develop communicative skills and reinforce key concepts. This material is a valuable tool for working on decoding expressions, empathy towards those who face communication challenges, and the importance of clarity and mutual understanding.


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