Nico’ Adventure at School. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension, Social and life Skills For Autistic Children)


“The Adventure of Nico at School” is a material exceptionally designed for autistic children, focused on improving reading comprehension, life skills, and conversational abilities. The story narrates the experiences of Nico, an autistic child who faces challenges at his school, mainly with a teacher who does not fully understand his needs. Through the narrative, children can identify with Nico, understanding that they are not alone in their struggles. The included comprehension questions allow children and their caregivers or educators to explore the story more deeply, helping the children to process and express their own feelings and experiences. Additionally, the conversational activities and drawings related to the story encourage interaction and verbal expression, fundamental skills in the social and emotional development of autistic children. This material is not only an educational tool but also a means to strengthen the bond between the child and those who support them, offering a compassionate and understanding way to address the challenging situations they may face in their daily lives.


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