Lucas’ Great Secret. (Activity Worksheets For Teaching Social And Emotional Skills To Autistic Children)


“The Great Secret of Lucas” is an educational material specially designed for autistic children, focusing on improving their reading comprehension, life skills, and fostering meaningful conversations. The story narrates the experiences of Lucas, a child who, despite difficulties in communication and understanding, finds ways to face challenges at school and in his daily life. Through Lucas’s interactions with his environment, especially with his teacher and his parents, autistic children can learn valuable lessons about the importance of communication, seeking support, and adaptability in difficult situations.

This material not only offers a narrative with which autistic children can identify but also provides a set of comprehension questions that stimulate reflection and dialogue. By answering these questions, children can practice and improve their ability to remember details, understand emotions and situations, and think of solutions to similar problems they might face. Furthermore, “The Great Secret of Lucas” serves as a resource for parents and educators to initiate meaningful conversations with children, helping them to express their feelings and thoughts, and to better understand their own experiences and emotions. In summary, this material is a valuable tool for supporting the emotional and cognitive development of autistic children, fostering their growth and learning in a comprehensive and accessible way.


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