Lia’s Magical Journey: Learning to Face Fear. (Activity to practice reading comprehension and emotional skills for autistic children)


‘The Magical Journey of Lia: Learning to Face Fear’ is an exceptional educational material, designed to support autistic children in developing reading comprehension and emotional skills. The story of Lía, a girl who learns to face her fears with the help of her firefly friend, Brillo, offers a rich and immersive narrative that connects with children on an emotional level. By identifying with Lía and her adventures, children can learn strategies to manage their own fears and emotions. The included comprehension questions encourage reflection and dialogue, helping children to process the story and apply its teachings to their own experiences. Additionally, the interactive drawings at the end of the material are excellent tools for strengthening understanding and oral expression, allowing children and their companions to recreate and expand the dialogues of the story. This interactive and multisensory approach is especially valuable for autistic children, as it allows them to explore and learn in an environment that respects and adapts to their individual learning needs.


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