Leo’s Awakening. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension, Social And Emotional Skills For Autistic Children)


“The Awakening of Leo” is an exceptionally valuable educational material for autistic children, focused on improving both reading comprehension and social skills. The story narrates the life of Leo, an autistic child, and his unique connection with Kibo, a gorilla. By reflecting Leo’s difficulties with communication and social understanding, the narrative offers a relatable and reassuring perspective for autistic children. The questions posed at the end of the story are designed to encourage reflection and discussion, helping children to identify and understand their own experiences and emotions through Leo’s story. Additionally, by relating to Leo’s challenges and triumphs, children can learn strategies for navigating their own social interactions. The inclusion of drawings to complete conversations is an interactive tool that encourages children to practice dialogue and empathy, skills that are crucial both in the classroom and in everyday life. This integrated approach makes “The Awakening of Leo” not only an engaging story but also an effective educational resource for the emotional and social development of children with autism.


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